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Bingo Wings

Bingo Wings

‘Bingo wings, is a term used to describe a pouch of excess skin and fat on the inner aspect of the arms. This pouch overhangs, over the lower part of the forearm and can occur as the result of rapid or extreme weight loss. ‘Bingo wings’ can arise in both men and women and may cause a number of problems.

As well as having an unsightly cosmetic appearance, the presence of excess tissue can lead to poor skin hygiene, chafing and discomfort. This may contribute to many individuals feeling self-conscious and can also impose significant restrictions on a person’s choice of clothing and activities, in particular exercise.

A number of measures such as the use of anti-chafing creams, special attention to skin hygiene and wearing appropriate supportive clothing can be beneficial as a temporary measure. These can help reduce some discomfort and improve quality of life of affected individuals.

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About this condition

Bingo wings represent a relatively common problem and can be difficult to treat without surgery. The outline of the upper arm is determined by the muscles on the front and back of the arm as well as an investing sleeve of skin and fat. Although exercise, weight loss and toning the arm muscles can help to a certain degree, when ‘bingo wings’ are well established, they can be significantly challenging to deal with. Having ‘bingo wings’ can also place  limitations on the individual’s ability to interact in social situations and participate in physical activity.

There are a number of minimally procedures that can be carried out to reduce the appearance of bingo wings.  These include fat freezing, which aims to destroy some of the excess fat cells present in the area. Advantages include the lack of surgical incisions, and minimal downtime.  Internal laser procedures (Endolift) have also been utilised to attain improvement in skin laxity in the upper arm area.

More definitive results can be achieved through body contouring procedures. An armlift or brachioplasty is a body contouring operation, which removes excess skin and fat through an incision on the inner part of the arm. This can be performed in combination with additional modalities, such as liposuction, to give an enhanced final shape to the upper limb.

Mr Ioannis Goutos is a well-respected plastic surgeon, with a special interest in body contouring procedures. He is able to offer a number of surgical and non-surgical treatments with excellent aftercare and oustanding results. During your initial consultation and assessment, Mr Goutos will be able to focus on your areas of concern and treatment goals and he will be able to recommend the most appropriate procedure, or combination of modalities, to help you achieve your desired end result.

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