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Steroid Tape for Scars London

Steroid Tape for Scars London

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Treatment time:

1-6 months depending on scar characteristics, individual response and treatment goals.


Typically give long lasting effects depending on original scar type and size.

Return to work:

No time off work needed.



The skin has the ability to heal itself following an injury such a laceration or burn. Steroid tape for scars in London is a treatment that can improve the appearance and symptoms associated with scarring.

This happens through a complex mechanism where the cells in the skin lay down new tissues and cells to repair the damaged area and restore integrity to the skin surface. This process results in the formation of a scar. A major component of scar tissue is a substance called ‘collagen’. Collagen is one of the main connective tissue components that helps to give skin its strength and structure. Unfortunately, in some cases, there is too much or too little collagen produced within the scar tissue.

This can result in troublesome scarring that can be depressed from the skin (when there is not enough collagen) or raised and bulky (when there is too much collagen produced, also referred to as ‘hypertrophic’ or ‘keloid’ scaring). This type of scarring can be associated with long term symptoms of pain, itching and ‘tightness’ or discomfort in the skin, which some individuals find to be distressing. There are a number of good treatment options to help improve the appearance and symptoms associated with unfavourable scarring, including topical treatments such as steroid tapes.

Mr Ioannis Goutos is an expert plastic surgeon and has an excellent reputation in both the academic and clinical field of managing scars and burns. He often advocates for the use of topical treatments as adjuncts to promote good scar quality following surgery or injury, or as part of a wider treatment plan for individuals with established problem scarring. Mr Goutos has a wealth of experience that allows him to provide thorough assessments and tailored treatment plans for each individual based on their current situation, medical background and treatment goals.

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What is Steroid Tape for Scars?

An effective type of topical treatment for scars is the use of steroid tape. Medical grade tapes that contain different forms of steroids have been shown to improve the symptoms and appearance of small hypertrophic or keloid scars. They can also be used in combination with steroid injections, or following surgery; furthermore, they should also be considered as a prophylactic treatment option for those at risk of developing bulky scars following trauma to the skin or planned surgical procedures.

Steroid tapes are thought to improve the appearance and symptoms of bulky scars by reducing the production of collagen within the scar and dampening down inflammation. The tape itself provides a mechanical support to the healing skin which can help to promote good scar formation. Steroid tapes can be cut to the size and shape of the scar, meaning that the treatment is more targeted and helps to reduce the incidence of adverse effects in the surrounding skin.

Although there is limited data on the use of steroid tapes in scarring, studies so far are showing promising effects and steroid tapes can be used in appropriate individuals as a good adjunct to improve scar maturation.

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Scar Steroid Tape FAQs

We know having medical, surgical or cosmetic treatment can seem daunting and it is natural to have questions. We are here to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions below, then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help.

Steroid tapes can cause burning or stinging sensation upon initial application; they are also occasionally associated with irritation and redness of the affected skin. The stronger the steroid in the tape, the more prominent that side effects can be. Steroid tapes should only be used once the skin has completed the initial healing stage and should never be applied to open wounds.

Studies of steroid tapes generally show good effects within 1-2 months, although this will again depend on the type and location of the scar being treated, with longer treatment periods resulting in more pronounced improvements in the appearance of the scars.

Other topical treatments, such as silicone sheets or gels, have a similar safety profile to steroid tapes and produce similar effects. More invasive treatments such as needling, injections and laser-based therapies can also be used to improve the appearance and symptoms associated with troublesome scarring. An experienced clinician will be able to guide you as to which treatment, or combination of treatments, is likely to give you the best outcomes based on your scarring pattern, symptoms and skin type.

In order for topical treatments such as steroid tapes to be effective, it is important to carefully follow the instructions of application and rest periods for your skin, as guided by your clinician. Tapes should be avoided on any open skin. It is also important to ensure good general skin care, such as avoiding direct sunlight or applying appropriate sun protection, and regular moisturisation of the skin between applications. In addition,  regular follow up is essential to determine optimal treatment endpoints.

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