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Restorative Skin Procedures by Mr Ioannis Goutos

Vascular PDL Laser London

Vascular PDL Laser London

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5-15 minutes, depending on area being treated.

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Same day.


None or local numbing cream.

Pulsed Dye Laser treatments, also referred to as ‘PDL’ or ‘Vascular laser’ at Goutos London is a specific type of laser technique traditionally used to treat skin lesions such as haemangiomas or port wine stains.

These lesions are caused by small, clustered blood vessel malformations that are usually present from birth and hence known as ‘birth marks’. The pulsed dye laser works by producing concentrated beams of yellow-orange light, which target the red or blue looking haemoglobin under the skin.

The light beam is then converted to heat in the skin, which helps to break down the targeted haemoglobin and blood vessels to lighten their appearance, whilst leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. PDL can also be used to treat other skin lesions caused by prominent blood vessels, such as acne rosacea and fresh red scars.

Mr Ioannis Goutos is a leading plastic and burns surgeon and has a wealth of experience delivering a number of clinical, cosmetic and aesthetic procedures, including laser treatments. Your initial consultation will include a comprehensive assessment of your skin and the area you want treated followed by a detailed discussion of your treatment objectives. A collaborative treatment plan will be developed that aims to meet your aesthetic goals.

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What is Pulse Dye Laser?

Dark birth marks, such as port wine stains or hemangiomas, as well as conditions such as acne rosacea can make some individuals feel less confident and more self-conscious about their skin. PDL treatments have a high safety profile as these techniques use laser beams to treat targeted areas only, meaning that there is a reduced risk of adverse effects in the nearby skin. PDL provides positive results for a number of skin conditions and in a variety of skin types, making it the treatment of choice for many.

In addition to treating skin problems caused by prominent blood vessels (known as ‘vascular lesions’), PDLs have also been shown to improve the appearance of other skin conditions. As well as the primary effect of light beams being converted to heat in targeted lesions, the PDL also causes some biological changes within the skin. This is known as a ‘photo-chemical effect’. This causes a regeneration-type reaction in the cells in the skin which can lead to improvement in multiple non-pigmented skin lesions such as:

  • Scars
  • Burns
  • Acne
  • Warts
  • Stretch marks

In these conditions, PDL can retain the benefits of being a targeted treatment and so minimizes the risk of any side effects within the surrounding skin.

If you are interested in having PDL it is important to seek the advice of a highly qualified and experienced plastic surgeon to assess your target areas and discuss the best treatment options for your skin.

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Vascular PDL laser London
Goutos London - FAQ


We know having medical, surgical or cosmetic treatment can seem daunting and it is natural to have questions. We are here to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions below, then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help.

Most patients will have some mild bruising or lightening of the treated area immediately after laser therapy but this should resolve on its own. Laser treatments can also increase the sun sensitivity of the skin for 6 months after treatment, so it is important to wear appropriate clothing and use goo, high SPF protection. Finally, there is a small risk of scarring following laser treatments, which can be dependent on the area of skin being treated and the individual’s predisposition to developing scarring.

Treatment outcomes will vary between individuals and will depend on the type and location of the lesion being treated. With multiple treatments you can expect lightening of the affected region and a general brightening of the skin.

PDL techniques are not usually painful, but can be uncomfortable during treatments. It is often described to feel like a ‘warm elastic band’ hitting the skin. You can use ice packs or an Aloe Vera gel after each treatment to sooth the treated area.

You should avoid applying any harsh products on the treated skin for the first 48 hours after treatment, including soaps, fragrance-containing items or make-up. You should also avoid direct sun exposure and ensure good application of SPF protection on treated skin for at least 6 months after treatment.

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At Goutos London, we aim to deliver a premium service with no compromise on quality in order to deliver the best results possible for your needs.

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Whatever your condition, and whatever your health goals are, we will ensure you get a holistic, focused and bespoke service that offers you the safest options for treatment aiming for the best possible outcome.



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