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Scar Revision London

Scar Revision London

At a glance

Treatment time:

20 minutes – 1 hour depending on the location and size of the scar.


Long lasting effects, although may take several months of healing to see the end results.

Return to work:

Same or next day.


Local anaesthetic.

Scar Treatment London

Scar tissue is formed during the normal healing process of the skin following insult or injury. There are a number of procedures to help improve the cosmetic appearance of scars, including scar revision at Goutos London.

Part of the scar-forming process involves the laying down of collagen, a tough connective tissue, which forms the basis of the scar itself. If the amount of collagen is excessive or insufficient, or if the collagen is not laid down in the correct pattern, this can result in scars that are either too tight, resulting in contractures, or too bulky, leading to hypertrophic or keloid scars that protrude from the skin. These types of scars can be troublesome in that they can produce pain or itching, restrict movement if overlying a joint and be unsightly, leading to low self-esteem.

There are a number of different procedures and treatment agents to help improve the appearance and symptoms associated with these types of scars, including surgical scar revision.

This involves surgical excision of the scar, and in the case of tight or contracted scars, may also involve the implementation of a skin graft or flap. This is an extremely specialised area of plastic surgery, as the surgical removal of scar tissue will in itself create a wound in the skin which will then heal to form a scar. It takes an experienced and expert hand to perform these procedures without recurrence of the problematic scarring once the surgical wound has healed. This involves the use of special surgical methods, as well as augmented post-operative treatment and wound care.

Mr Ioannis Goutos is a specialist plastic surgeon and leader in the care of scars and burns. He has a wealth of experience to discuss your treatment goals and assess any scarred areas that are causing problems. He takes a holistic approach at his clinic to create individual treatment plans based on each patient.

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Surgical Scar Revision London

Scar revision procedures take meticulous pre-operative assessment and planning. The orientation of the surgery will depend on the area of the body that the scar is located, and aim to respect the natural crease lines in the skin to promote good post-operative healing. Complete scar removal (extralesional excision) is generally superior to partial scar removal (intralesional excision), particularly in the case of managing keloid scarring.

Scar revision surgery is a very precise procedure. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure using a local anaesthetic. This means that you will be awake during the scar revision, but you won’t be able to feel the area of skin being targeted during the procedure, you will also be able to go home from the clinic on the same day. The scarred area is cut out of the skin using small and accurate lines based on the pre-operative planning. The bulky or contracted tissue is then removed. The open area of skin is closed using special techniques to reduce tension in the wound. This aims to minimise the risk of the problem scarring recurring. These techniques include ‘w-plasty’ closure (breaking up the scar margins into small, interdigitated triangular components) and, when appropriate, insertion of skin grafts or flaps taken from another part of the body.

Revision surgery is often performed in conjunction with post-operative radiotherapy, pressure dressings or application of steroid tapes or injectables to ensure maximum results. Once the new wound has healed, it should be less noticeable, more comfortable and have improved function and appearance from the previous scar tissue.

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Goutos London - Scar revision
Goutos London - FAQ

Scar Revision London FAQs

We know having medical, surgical or cosmetic treatment can seem daunting and it is natural to have questions. We are here to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions below, then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help.

Although the procedure is carried out under a local anaesthetic, once the revision is complete and the anaesthetic has worn off, there may be some pain, discomfort and swelling over the healing area. This usually lasts 1-2 weeks. Some people also find that they have altered sensation or numbness over the treated area. This is usually temporary and improvement to normal sensation should return within 1-2 months. As with any surgical procedure, there are risks of bleeding and infection, which are minimised by the use of appropriate, specialist surgical techniques and sterile equipment at the clinic. Finally, there is a risk of unfavourable scarring following the healing of the surgical incision. This risk is higher if you are prone to developing keloid or hypertrophic scarring. Your specialist will take particular care in the pre-operative planning and give you thorough post-operative wound care instructions to minimise this risk. Adjunct agents such as support tapes, steroid preparations and radiotherapy are also used post-procedure to reduce the risk of unfavourable scarring.

Bulky or keloid scarring can respond to topical treatments such as steroid tapes or silicone gels, as well as steroid injections. These can be used in combination with scar revision procedures to give optimal results.

It is crucial to keep any surgical wound clean and dry until healed over to reduce the risk of infection. This is typically done using appropriate cleaning methods and the application of clean dressings or plasters for the first week or two. Using massaging techniques over the areas of healing tissue can help to reduce the amount of collagen produced in the scar and promote aesthetic healing. Areas of new scarring are more prone to sun damage, so it is important to avoid direct sun exposure for the first 2 weeks, and then to use adequate sun protection in the form of clothing or sufficient SPF protection (at least 30) to maintain optimal cosmetic results.

If you have also had the addition of a skin graft, there may be additional wound care steps. Your surgeon will be able to give you a details post-operative plan following your procedure, which should include any important aftercare advice.

Scar revision in London has advanced significantly over the years, making it possible to achieve remarkable results in scar removal. While complete removal of scars is not always guaranteed, the skilled surgeons and innovative techniques used at Goutos London can greatly improve the appearance of scars, making them less noticeable or virtually invisible. Additionally, post-operative care and follow-up treatments play a crucial role in optimising the outcome.

Scar revision surgery is a viable option for individuals who have experienced any form of scarring that affects their physical appearance and self-confidence. This procedure is particularly suitable for those who have scars resulting from accidents, surgeries, burns, or even acne. It is important to note that scar revision surgery is not limited to any specific age group or gender, making it accessible to anyone seeking to improve the appearance of their scars.

Scar revision costs can vary depending on various factors such as the size and location of the scarred area, the complexity of the procedure, and the expertise of the surgeon. At Goutos London prices start from £2000. If you would like an accurate assessment and cost breakdown for your specific case, get in touch today.

Surgical Scar Revision London Price

Starting from £2000

At Goutos London, we aim to deliver a premium service with no compromise on quality in order to deliver the best results possible for your needs.

Goutos London

Conditions Scar Revision can treat

Whatever your condition, and whatever your health goals are, we will ensure you get a holistic, focused and bespoke service that offers you the safest options for treatment aiming for the best possible outcome.

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