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Vascular ND:YAG Laser London

Vascular ND:YAG Laser London

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30-60 minutes depending on the area being treated.

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Vascular ND:YAG Laser at Goutos London is most effective for reducing the appearance of skin lesions caused by prominent blood vessels under the skin (also known as vascular lesions). Laser procedures form a key component of treatments available for a number of bothersome skin problems.

The vascular Nd:YAG laser (abbreviated from its full name Neodymium:Yttrium-Aluminium-Garnet), which simply refers to the components that make up the crystals which produce the laser beams) uses longer wavelengths (1064nm) than other laser modalities. It is effective in the treatment of a number of different vascular lesions on the face and body. Nd:YAG laser treatments have a good safety profile, with minimal side effects, making it a good option for many individuals and a wide variety of skin types.

Mr Ioannis Goutos is a leading plastic and burns surgeon and has extensive experience delivering a number of aesthetic procedures, including laser treatments. You will undergo an initial consultation which will include assessment of the skin you want treated and discussion of your treatment aims. Then a joint decision can be made on the optimum treatment plan to suit your cosmetic goals.

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How does Vascular ND:YAG Laser work?

The vascular Nd:YAG produces a longer wavelength than other laser modalities, which makes it best suited for treating deeper and larger vascular lesions, such as prominent leg veins (varicose veins) or superficial ‘spider veins’ (also known as telangiectasias) on the face and body. These troublesome veins are formed when there is weakness in the valves inside the deeper vessels, hence blood can pool in the skin vessels and make them more prominent. Varicose and spider veins may cause problems as they can be unsightly and be associated with symptoms of aching and itching.

The Nd:YAG laser emits light energy, which penetrates through the skin and into the target blood vessel or spider vein. The light energy is then converted to heat where it clots the blood inside the vein, causing it to collapse and seal closed. The sealed and damaged vessel is then gradually broken down by the body, leaving the treated area to appear lighter and clearer. Nd:YAG laser treatment includes additional custom cooling features, which protect the adjacent skin and vessels which are not the target of treatment. This helps to minimise any side effects or adverse reactions in the tissues.

In addition to being effective at treating varicose and spider veins, Nd:YAG lasers also have a role in the treatment of other pigmented lesions (moles or port wine stains) as well as hair removal.

If you are interested in having any laser-based treatments on your skin, it is essential to consult with a specialist. This ensures a full assessment of the problem areas of skin that you want treated and discussion of which options are most appropriate for you, your skin type and treatment end goals.

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FAQs about Vascular ND:YAG Laser

We know having medical, surgical or cosmetic treatment can seem daunting and it is natural to have questions. We are here to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions below, then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help.

There are some risks of changes in pigmentation of the skin with laser treatments, so it is important that this is discussed with your specialist prior to having laser therapy. There is also a small risk of bruising after treatment, which will resolve with time. Skin infection is a risk that is incurred with any laser or similar procedure, however this is minimized with the use of sterile equipment and appropriate post-treatment skin care. Appropriate eye protection is supplied during laser treatments to avoid any laser-related damage to the eyes.

Most people need between 2 and 6 rounds of treatment to see good results, with 4-6 weeks in between to allow the skin to heal. Some individuals may require further treatments, however results can be assessed following each round of laser therapy. More prominent or larger target veins may require more treatments than smaller, superficial lesions.

Laser treatment can produce short-lived discmfort, redness, swelling and mild itching. This is mitigating by using appropriate cooling adjuncts or ice packs with treatments. These symptoms should resolve after a few days.

Laser therapies increase sun sensitivity in any treated areas. Therefore it is crucial to avoid direct sunlight on the skin, wear appropriate clothing and apply SPF protection on healed skin to avoid sun-related damage on your newly treated skin. Avoiding any products that contain fragrances or harsh chemicals, and applying neutral emollients or moisturisers on healed skin can also help to promote skin regeneration and prevent any further irritation. Reducing or stopping smoking and ensuring adequate hydration can also help to ensure optimum healing.

How much does Vascular ND:YAG Laser in London cost?

Prices start from £500

At Goutos London, we aim to deliver a premium service with no compromise on quality in order to deliver the best results possible for your needs.

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