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Scars & Burns by Mr Ioannis Goutos

Scar Steroid Injections London

Scar Steroid Injections London

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Treatment time:

15-30 minutes depending on the size of scar and area of skin being treated.


Can be repeated every 4-6 weeks depending on individual response.

Return to work:

No time needed off work.



Scarring occurs as part of the natural healing process of skin following an injury such as a laceration, burn, surgery or acne. Scar steroid injections at Goutos London reduce the bulk of scars and can improve symptoms such as pain and itching.

Sometimes there is too much collagen produced within the scar, making it appear bulky and raised above the skin. There are known as hypertrophic or, in their extreme, keloid scars. They are often darker in colour and can also be associated with bothersome symptoms such as pain and itching.

There are a wide variety of agents and procedures that can be performed to improve the appearance and reduce the symptoms of bulky scarring, including the injection of steroid-type medications. Steroid injections aim to reduce the bulk of the scar to make it appear flatter, and also help to improve symptoms such as pain and itching.

Although they can be used in isolation, steroid injections often form part of a wider treatment plan, and can be used in conjunction with other treatments to improve the overall appearance of the scar.

Mr Ioannis Goutos is an expert plastic surgeon in his field, and has a particular interest in the care of patients with scars and burns. He has extensive experience in assessing troublesome scars and advising on the best treatments suited for each individual. This can include a number of procedures, including the injection of steroid medications.

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What are Scar Steroid Injections?

Steroid injections usually contain the active medicine known as triamcinolone acetonide, a type of steroid. The steroid works by helping to break down the excess, tough collagen fibres within the scar to reduce the total amount of scar tissue within the skin. The steroid also has anti-inflammatory effects and can reduce the blood supply to the scar tissue. This leads to an overall smoother appearance on the skin and can also make the scar look lighter in colour. Sometimes the steroid is used in combination with other medications, including 5-fluorouracil (a chemotherapy drug which is also effective in the treatment of hypertrophic or keloid scarring).

This procedure can be done during an outpatient appointment. The area of scar or skin being treated is cleaned using a sterile solution. The appropriate steroid solution is then drawn up into a syringe and injected directly into the target area using a small needle. A plaster or dressing is placed over the injection site to keep it clean and prevent infection. This process can be repeated at 4-6 weekly intervals until the desired results are seen. Larger, more prominent or darker scars may require more treatments to see significant improvements.

Steroid injections can be used in combination with topical agents, massaging or surgical treatments for scars as an adjunct to achieve the desired results.

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Scar Steroid Injections FAQs

We know having medical, surgical or cosmetic treatment can seem daunting and it is natural to have questions. We are here to ensure your comfort and safety at all times. If you are unable to find the answer to your questions below, then please do not hesitate to contact us so we can help.

The main side effect associated with injectable steroid treatments is mild pain and soreness for the first day or two after the injection. Occasionally there can be changes in the colour of the scar, known as hyper- (darkening) or hypo- (lightening) pigmentation. As the injections are targeted in the scar areas only, this should not affect the pigment of the skin surrounding the scar if performed correctly by a skilled practitioner. The overall dose of steroid being injected is very small and only in a targeted area, so there is a very low risk of having side effects related to taking tablet or systemic steroids.

Injections can be repeated every 4-6 weeks. The number of treatments will depend on your skin type, scar characteristics, treatment goals and adjunct therapies. This is different for each individual, however an experienced specialist should be able to guide the number of treatments you need depending on your response.

Most people can see significant improvements after 2-3 treatments, however results will differ between individuals.

It is important to ensure good skin care when receiving any injections or invasive skin treatments. Avoiding harsh chemicals or products containing fragrances on the skin is essential to avoid any additional irritation and reduce the risk of infection. Using non-fragranced emollients or moisturisers and staying well hydrated ensures optimum conditions for your skin to regenerate and heal. Massaging techniques can also be helpful. Finally, it is important to avoid direct sunlight on recently treated areas of skin, either by use of appropriate clothing and/or applying sun screen of at least 30 SPF.

How much do steroid injections cost for scars in London?

Prices start from £200

At Goutos London, we aim to deliver a premium service with no compromise on quality in order to deliver the best results possible for your needs.

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