Here are some top tips on making the best choices for your scar management

  1. Choose the right specialist.  It is important to research your specialist’s credentials by checking that their name appears on the General Medical Council website. This will give you an indication as to whether they are part of the UK specialist register.  This means they have followed a specialist training pathway, and successfully completed a set of rigorous examinations to make them a registered specialist (dermatologist or plastic surgeon).  
  2. Research the Clinic or Facility.  Given the vast choice of options offering services, you are advised to research into the clinics credentials and review relevant patient or doctor reviews.  Scar management is a specialist field and the best clinics provide patients with a wide array of non-invasive and invasive options to help manage their scar problem. This can range from camouflage make up, medical tattooing, laser needling treatments, as all the way to surgical options for scar revision.  It is also important that as part of your patient journey, you have the option of accessing psychological support services.
  3. Choose the best time to have your treatment.  The best timing for treating scars is highly individualised. Large numbers of patients prefer to seek advice and treatment at a very early stage following the formation of a scar. Nevertheless, it is not uncommon that people wait for a prolonged period of time before seeking help; this may relate to the psychological impact of the incident or their life circumstances at the time.  A thorough consultation will address timing related issues and should allow you to determine not only the best type of intervention but also the best time to start your treatment plan.
How do I make the right choice for scar management?